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Powers of CID Security Service Provider and Information circular from PSIRA
Powers of CID Security Service Provider
Information circular from PSIRA

Tender for Public Safety and Security (with armed response) monitoring CCTV cameras

Tender Summary for Safety and Security
Tender Number: NCID NPR TR2/2021

Safety and Security - Tender notices and Nomination form

Tender Adjudication Committee notice
Nomination for tender adjudication

General Meeting

General Meeting 25 February 2020
Minutes of public meeting 25 February 2020
Safety & Security

AGM 2020

Minutes of an AGM 2020
AGM Guide to Cater for COVID-19
Membership list 2020
CoR 36.2
Proxy forms
Implementation Plan 2021/2022
Audited Financial Statements 2020
Budget AGM version 2021/2022
Nomination for Directorship
Membership forms Natural person
AGM notices english_final
AGM notices afrikaans_final
Agenda & Notice AGM FInal

AGM 2019

AGM Agenda
AGM Notices (Afrikaans)
AGM Notices (English)
Audited Financial Statements 2019/20
CCF 2019
C0R 36.2
Implementation Plan 2020/2019
Membership Form Juristic Person
Membership Form Natural Person
Minutes of AGM meeting 11 October 2018 MA v2
Minutes of AGM - 10 October 2019
NCID Chairperson's Report 2018 Final LS
Northpine CID members List
Northpine - Proposed 2020/21 - AGM version (3)
Nominations for Directorship
Proxy Form -2019

AGM 2018

AGM Agenda
AGM Notices (Afrikaans)
AGM Notices (English)
Audited AFS
CoR36.2 Form
Director Nomination Form
Implementation Plan 2019/2020
Membership Application Form
Membership Form Natural Person
Membership form Juristic Person
Minutes SGM 12 October 2017
NCID Chairperson's Report
NCID Proxy
Northpine 2019/2020 Budget
Presentation AGM


Northpine Adjustment Budget 2019/20 Final
Northpine 2017/18 amended budget 05/10/2017 Rev 02
Northpine Proposed 2018/19 Budget
Final -22 August 2016 - NCID Budget - 2017- 2022
Final - 22 August 2016 Business Plan Presentation Final

COVID - 19

Alert Level 3 Presidents's Speech
200513 C19 President's Speech
Covid-19 President's Speech Final
Combined NCCC Proposal on Risk - Adjustment Approach V5
Covid-19 Living ammunity restrictions to be lifted to ease cash flow
Covid-19 New Certificate needed to perform essential services
Covid-19 Sales of essential baby items during lockdown
Covid-19 Wearing Face Masks
Directions Call Centers Essential Services GNR459
DMA Directions Amended Minister of Cogta GNR609 of 28 May 2020
DMA Direction Minister of Employment & Labour GNR595 of 26 May 2020
DMA Directions Small Business DEV GNR522 of 12 May 2020
DMA Direction of Minister of Trade, IND & Comp sale of clothing - alert level 4
DMA Directions Minister of Sport, Arts & Culture GNR461
Frequently Asked Questions- Coronavirus/Covid19 - SA Government
Lockdown Extended President's Speech 9 April 2020
Minister of Finance - Economic Support Package 24 April 2020
NT Loan Guarantee 24 April 2020
NT Media Statement - Extension of Deadline comments 2020/Tax Proposal
NT Media Statement - Further Tax Measurements - combat Covid-19
PMG Summary 15 April 2020
Regulations & Guidelines - Coronavirus/Covid-19
Tourism Statement Level 3

Membership Form

Membership Application Form
Membership Form Natural Person
Membership Form Juristic Person
Notice Of Application

MOI Forms

MOI - Set 1
MOI - Set 2
MOI - Set 3


Northpine - Anx A
Northpine - Anx B form A ( Request Form)
Northpine - Anx C Free Schedule
Northpine - PAIA manual


Business Plan Presentation
Implementation Plan 2018/2019
Implementation Plan
Meeting 10 February 2017 - Presentation Slides
Meeting 23 May 2017 - Presentation Plan
NCID Business Plan

Proxy Forms 

Proxy Form
Proxy Letter (Single Owner)
Proxy Letter (Two Owners)


Informal Trading Policies