City Improvement District

24 Hour Control Room Number: 079 108 8107

Kraaifontein Police Station:

021 980 5500

SAPS Sector :

082 522 1853

Power Failures:

(General, prepaid, loadshedding and faults)

0860 103 089

Water Services:

0860 103 054

CoCT Service Delivery Complaints

For All service delivery complaints make use of the C3 electronic Reporting System:

SMS 31373 (160 characters) or

Phone 0860 103 089

This C3 reporting system ensures that your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.



Safety Precautions

Request Holiday Protection

Questions & Answers

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Emergency Numbers

What is the Northpine City Improvement District (NCID)?

The NCID will be a statutory body established under the SRA by-law of the City of Cape Town previously known as a City Improvement District (CID).

It can hold the City to account and procure additional ‘Top-up’ services and security services and urban upgrades to improve our suburb.

The NCID will need to be funded by way of an additional rate collected from rate payers by the City of Cape Town and paid to the management company of the proposed NCID. What price do we put upon our freedom and safety?

What are the benefits?

A transparent business plan and budget whereby you will be able to see exactly how your additional rates are being spent.

It is a proven vehicle through which you can ensure that the City is providing effective service delivery.

Reduction in crime, grime and social related challenges, through improved management of Northpine.

A safer, cleaner and sociable public environment where public spaces and parks can be upgraded.

Other CID/SRAs have shown increases in property values.

Social services to assist the homeless, jobless and impoverished can be provided and better permanent solutions can be established.

To become a member of NCID , please register.

Resolutions on an AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the NCID. This membership is available free of charge to all property owners of commercial and industrial property within the footprint of the NCID.

Please note:

“Membership is open to all the property owners who are encouraged to apply for membership so that they exercise their rights to influence the business of the CID. Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is entitled to attend, participate and vote at the Company meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act.

Should a member be unable to attend they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the CID activities.”

To register, download the application form here. Complete the form, save it and upload it in the Database form in the Database tab or email it to If you are not able to attend the meeting in person, please download the proxy form and complete in order to appoint someone to attend on your behalf.